Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top Groupies Of All Time: Pamela Des Barres and Catherine James

Pamela and Catherine are more my kind of groupie girls. Miss Pamela represents the west coast, with her flowing hair, lace and velvet dresses, she was the ultimate in California hippie glam. And Miss James represents the east coast, with straight blonde hair and dolly-bird make-up, she had an aura of New York cool.  I know I already made a post for Pamela here and Catherine here, but I felt the need to include them in my Top Groupies list. Also, I found more new photos of them, so I thought I'd post them here.

A young Pamela and Catherine

Modeling for Rolling Stone Magazine.

A shot from Catherine's screen test at The Factory.

Miss Pamela and the GTO's

Pamela hanging out with Roger Daltrey and Keith Moon.

Miss P. sitting backstage while Mick decides what to eat.

On the set of  200 Motels with Ringo.

Baby-sitting Frank Zappa's daughter, Moon Unit.

Random shots of Miss Pamela.

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  1. love your blog, love these girls, love these photographs.


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