Thursday, November 26, 2015

Photoshoot: Zayn Malik for Fader Magazine

Back in March I had a sappy post lined up about Zayn leaving One Direction and now that I had months to think things through, let things sink in, and see all the stuff that has happened, I'm glad I didn't let impulse win this time. Now I'm all for doing you're own thing and being #real and #happy, which is what Zayn is saying in the article that officially comes out on December. But I can't help still feel disappointed at some of the things Zayn said and did. Whether he was fired or left the band because he wanted to, its bad either way you look at it. Maybe I'm not as understandable as Zayn claims Liam to be, but I do not understand why he left 1D the way that he did if they were planning on working on music and things aside from being in the band anyway. Maybe I'm slightly bitter cos I went through a similar situation where 2 people in my life just got up and left with no real warning. You can't do that, not when there are people counting on you and you've got all these obligations. The fair and real grown up thing to do would have been to just be honest and say that you're not happy anymore and that you're going to leave. And while it is totally understandable that he was not happy with the music 1D were making and did not allow his creative input, I cannot stand when people are pretentious and ungrateful. The only reason he even has the freedom and can afford to do whatever he wants now is because he was in 1D. And just cos 1D is not the style of music you're into does not mean it's fake, and this is coming from a former pretentious music elitist.  I guess to me it's just sad that I'm getting some "George Harrison bitter after the Beatles" vibe from Zayn. That being said, I am looking forward to seeing what this "normal 22 year old" has in store music-wise.

photos by: Francesco Nazardo
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