Friday, July 8, 2011

A Rant

Do not come on my blog and tell me not to have a 'shit fit' when someone takes a scan of mine and posts it on tumblr without crediting. I buy these expensive books and scan the photos to share with whoever follows this blog, the least you could do is cite my blog as a source if you're going to be taking the pictures and posting them somewhere else. Is that not the nice and respectful thing to do? No, I didn't take these photos, but I usually credit the photographer or the blog where I get the pictures from, unless I don't know who the photographer is, or if the pictures are quite common and everyone has them. And if you supposedly have a better version of one of the pictures that I've scanned, as that anonymous person claimed, well damn, post your better version then, don't take mine without credit.


  1. Hello, I really do understand your anger and rant and I just wanted to apologise to you; but I've not just taken your photographs without citing the source - your blog. If you click on the pictures you'll always get to your adorable blog. I stop taking your pictures in the future and I hope you're not that mad at me...
    I really do appreciate your scans and work you put in!

  2. Oh no, I'm not mad at you! The rant was directed toward an anonymous person who left a rude comment. Like I said, I don't mind if you take my scans as long as they link back to my blog. And thank you for your nice comment!!

  3. Oh dear you can't imagine how relieved I feel right now! Oh anonymous people often seem like one rude person who wants to annoy every single person on earth -.-
    And yes of course they'll always link back to your blog - they're not mine and I would never steal a work others put their effort in it!
    Keep your wonderful work up!
    Julie xx

  4. Hi! I love your blog please don't let this discourage you from posting! I'm so into nostalgia blogs! keep up the great work xo

  5. Thank you! And don't worry I'll still keep posting, good feedback like this outweighs the bad.

  6. Thank you for sharing these insightful photos. They speak volumes about their lives.


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