Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Of Us

I thought I'd make a list of my favorite dynamic duos.

1. John Lennon and Paul McCartney
Who would have thought anything interesting would happen at a church fete? That's where a 15 year old McCartney introduced himself to a 16 year old Lennon, thus changing the course of history forever. Perhaps I'm being a bit dramatic, but these two are my absolute favorites.

2. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
They attended the same school and were next door neighbors until Keith moved away. They reunited a few years later on a train, where Richards spotted Jagger holding records by Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry and realized they shared the same musical taste.

3.Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding
A modern day verison of the British comedy troupes Monty Python or the Goodies. Noel met Julian after seeing him perform his solo routine at a comedy club. Both throughly impressed by each other, they decided to form a very British, very comedic partnership.

4. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page
Jimmy was surprised that Robert wasn't famous yet when he saw him performing at a college. Although not Jimmy's first choice as lead singer for Led Zeppelin, they hit it off immediately and Robert got the job.

5. Alex Turner and Miles Kane
A modern day version of Lennon and McCartney. Miles and Alex became good friends while both of their bands were on the same tour. Several collaborations led to the recording of "The Age of the Understatement" in 2008. As of yet, no new material has been released, but both Alex and Miles have stated that they're interested in working together again.

6. Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser
Why yes I am comparing these two to Lennon and McCartney as well. The American version. They met in college, and according to Andrew, meeting Ben changed the course of his life forever. Their story is very Beatlesque, with Andrew starting the band and convincing Ben to join. He did and MGMT was born.

7. D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey
If Alex and Miles, and Andrew and Ben are modern day verisons of Lennon and McCartney, then Max and D.A. are a modern version of Bob Dylan. You know how Dylan is and that's exactly how these two are. They met while attending Harvard, formed a band, decided they would rather work by themselves and released their debut album "Love the Future" in 2009. They're currently working on their second album. But really, why do these new bands take so long to release new music? The Beatles had ground-breaking albums year after year.

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