Monday, June 20, 2011

The Dirty Weekend

One weekend in 1968, Paul arrived in L.A. on some Apple business. Of course, it's not all work and no play when Macca is in town. According to companion and business associate Ron Kass, Paul staged something he called "The Paul McCartney Black and White Minstrel Show" in a Beverly Hills Hotel. One can only assume what went on: 2 rooms + one call girl + one young hollywood starlet + one cute but far from innocent Beatle = I've never been good at math, haha. But that's not all! Apparently Peggy Lipton and Linda (then Eastman, obviously) had both called (separately, mind you) to say that they were in town as well and wanted to stop by. Lucky Linda got there first, and got to sail away with Paul and spent what she called a "dirty weekend" with him.

These were taken outside of Capitol Records I believe.

Surrounded by a bunch of women outside the hotel.

These photos were taken on the boat that Paul rented that day. Now, I could have sworn that there were more of these boat pics, you can even see Linda in some of them, but alas, I can't seem to find the rest.

*EDIT* I found them! The blonde in the white shirt next to Paul is obviously Linda.

Paul and Linda in the back seat of a car. Probably the first photos of them together after the initial meeting in 1967.

Photos that Linda took.

(fan photos via meet the beatles for real blog)


  1. There is little to be said that is positive about the carnage of morals and the flaunting of broken vows. Paul was engaged to Jane Asher at that time. Is it any wonder when he returned to the UK Jane officially broke their engagement? She had had enough. Linda used every asset she had - and most of the assets were monetary.

  2. Cheryl - actually Jane Asher had broken off their engagement before this. So no vows were broken and anybody who says they wouldn't have acted the same way in the same situation is probably a hypocrite

  3. Jane Asher went on to have an "open marriage" with Gerald Scarfe. In fact they had children "out of wedlock"!!!! The shame of it!!
    (I`m being sarcastic, of course- but the above is true).

  4. LOVE this page, just discovered it. LOVE the early Paul-Linda 'dirty weekend' pics. They're beautiful and such a pivotal point in Paul's (and Linda's) life.

    I LOVE IT.


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