Saturday, July 28, 2012

Photoshoot: Sue Lyon photographed by Bert Stern

Most of these promotional shots for the movie were deemed to risque for publicity purposes, although some shots were used in Look Magazine.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lonely Hearts Club

Getting there an hour before the show started was not a good idea because little old me got stuck in the 4th row, surrounded my giants. But somehow I did manage to see Marina who put on an amazing show! The girl has some out of this world vocals and very cute outfits.The audience was dancing and singing along for most of the concert, but it was all about Marina as she twirled around the stage singing songs from both Electra Heart and The Family Jewels. She even played piano during Teen Idle, and Marilyn kept guard of her Martini glass.What can I say? Marina is a true bubblegum pop princess who talks to the audience in her cute Welsh accent like we were her best friends. Despite my horrible spot and terrible new camera, I got a few decent pictures and left the concert (with my free poster!) feeling like a true diamond.

Flower Child

There's nothing more exciting than find new and good quality pictures of Miss Pamela back when she was living a teen rock and roll dream.

all photos via pamela des barres website
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