Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Quiff

(teamgrimmy? more like teamquiff)

Ah, what can be said about the quiff? It's probably the sexiest, most rock and roll hairstyle a guy can have, that's for sure. As with most things, I first noticed just how much I loved that particular hairstyle when I got into the Beatles. And then this past summer Alex Turner debuted his new hairstyle and I was left speechless. All of a sudden all these lovely looking male models started popping up with this "omg-is-it-hot in-here?!" hairstyle. AND THEN, the guys in One Direction jumped on the quiff bandwagon, and then I was like, "Well I might as well jump off a bridge because I can't handle this anymore?!?!?!" Anyway, enjoy the following pictures of my favorite boys and their quiffs.

Can't forget the inspiration behind this... Elvis.

The inspiration behind Paul's quiff... Tony Curtis.

Another icon.. James Dean.

Here we have the Beatles in Hamburg in all their rock and roll glory. They were trying to imitate Elvis, but I like them and their quiffs so much better.

Fast forward over 50 years to 2011 and we have the 'super stylish without even trying' Alex Turner debuting his quiff.

Al and the rest of the Arctic Monkeys looking like they're from the 50's.

Not too long ago I saw Cry-Baby for the first time. I was missing out big time because Johnny Depp is in it, with a quiff.

Never forget Nowhere Boy era Aaron Johnson and his glorious quiff.

And my current fave raves, the boys of 1D go rockabilly!

At the VMA's all of them (except Harry, come on Harry) sported quiffs.


  1. No Richard Hawley?

    1. Ah yes, I forgot about him! He did inspire Alex after all...

  2. Ah, the Beatles.. sexiest boys ever. <3

  3. Beatles rocked out the Quiff back then! <3 Oh so fabulous!

  4. So amazing and Johnny Depp is awesone


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