Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photoshoot: One Direction in Ponystep Magazine

A great man by the name of Tom Hiddleston once said, "I never feel guilty about pleasures." And so, with that in mind, I decided to stop feeling guilty and just finally embrace and admit that I, not like, but LOVE One Direction. And what's there not to love? Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam are super charming, super funny and super cute. Plus, they have lovely accents, dress really nice, and surprise surprise, they actually can sing. Maybe it's because I've been feeling nostalgic about my teen years (cue Teen Idle, No Hope, Wetsuit, and Teenage Icon), but someway, somehow, these lovely lads have made their way into my heart, I mean, ipod (i think my heart and my ipod are the same thing?!?!).

Anyroad, here's a jaw-dropping shoot the boys did back in April. It's ok to look, they're legal and from what read/seen/heard they like older women (not that I'm old, I'm only a year older than Louis. and yes, I was trying to be funny)


photos by Jamie Morgan

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  1. Louis , Harry , Niall , Liam , then Zayn . That's my order on best to worst on thos pictures . In general , Louis , Harry , Zayn , Niall , then Liam is my order on cutest to .. they all are cute. :x


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