Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What Makes A Man Stylish?

That is the question posed to Paul in a country chic shoot he did for the Observer in 1969, photographed by Barry Lategan.

The original Observer piece in which Macca enthuses about extra-wide trousers: 'I got sick of having my thighs gripped by bits of cloth'

So what does make a man fashionable? Chewing on grass and donning a cravat, if you follow Macca's advice

We can get behind the the copper-coloured cable knit jumper and pastel socks. Pairing them with grey flared trousers? Possibly too far ...

A lovely coat, and that well-known shaggy haircut. Paul McCartney not looking too bad here either...

Pin stripe trousers, shirt and shiny shoes - this is how your dad used to dress. But did he blow everyone's mind with a kiddy-coloured tank top? No. No he did not.

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