Monday, July 9, 2012

Marina and the Diamonds

Isn't Marina Diamandis such a lovely name? That's one of the first things that caught my eye, or should I say ear, about Marina. Besides the amazing name, she has fabulous style, which she described as "vintage, cheerleader, and cartoon." But not only that, the girl actually has talent. I must admit that when it comes to today's female artists, I'm quite dismissive, but Marina does not disappoint. Plus she won my heart when she said in an interview that in her own diamond world she would have the Beatles constantly playing. She'll be making what I think is her first American TV appearance tonight and her album Electra Heart is finally available here in the States. The visual inspiration for Electra Heart comes from Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Marie Antoinette, while the amazing songs are about, what else? Love and heartbreak, mixed with sadness and arrogance, wit and charm, out of this world vocals and music you can dance to, which is quite lovely if you really thing about it. I'll be seeing her at The Fillmore this Wednesday, so expect another Marina post!

all images via electraheart tumblr


  1. Where did she say that about the Beatles?

    1. It's from a YouTube video I was watching, I think it's a nme interview, if I find it I'll post the link for you.

    2. Here's the link:


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