Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Concert: Part 1

"HELLO SACRAMENTO! Sacramento. I like saying Sacramento. It's fun for me to say."- Alex Turner

This past weekend was probably one of the best weekends I've had in a while, especially 5/05, otherwise known as Arctic Monkeys day. I finally got to see Alex, Matt, Nick, and Jamie in person and it was electrifying, surreal, magical, beautiful and absolutely perfect. As you may know, my dream is to become a music photographer, so armed with a new digital camera, I arrived at the venue 2 hours early determined to get a good spot and great pictures. I obviously should have arrived earlier than that because I was in the 2nd row, all the way to the right of the stage, with of course, a giant high schooler right in front of me. Thank goodness for optical zoom! So, what is there left to say, other then AM put on a great show, with Alex doing all the talking and pointing, being his perfect self, singing his amazing songs, I do wish he would have moved around more though. Jamie was right in front of me, so I got a great view of him. Although I could barely see Matt and Nick, they were amazing as well and I managed to get pretty good pictures of the both of them too. And I highly doubt anyone will, but if you post my pictures somewhere else, please make sure to credit me/link to my blog!

My 2 favorite pictures of Alex.

Matt, Nick, and Jamie.

Other favorites from that night (mostly of Alex).

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