Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Concert: Part 2

Oh, but Arctic Monkeys were just one of 2 bands that I saw that rock and roll night. Arctic Monkeys were just the opening band, with The Black Keys being the main band. I must admit that when I first bought these tickets, I wasn't into The Black Keys as much as I am into AM. That of course changed, since they ended up blowing my mind. This time, the crowd had moved and pushed around, so I was slightly more in the middle and in complete awe. I could barely see Pat, but his drumming is something else. And Dan's voice is so amazing live, he came over several times to where I was and played his guitar right in front of my mesmerized eyes, there's nothing more beautiful than that. Underneath the bright glittering lights and shimmering disco ball, I realized that The Black Keys are for sure one of the best American rock bands today. And once again, don't forget to credit and link back to my blog!

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