Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Wirral Riddler

Musically speaking, 2011 has been a great year for me. I discovered (or finally got around to further exploring their discography) a bunch of new musicians that prove good music can still be found today if you really look (or hear) hard enough. And the best part is that these musicians are inspired by the same kind of music that we, dear blog readers, also love. Take Miles Kane for example; a lovely lad from the Merseyside who not only  is best mates with Alex Turner (expect a gushing post on Al and the rest of the Arctic Monkeys later), but says that the Beatles are his favorite band of all time and mentions Lennon in practically every other interview he does. Well, you can can clearly hear his fine musical taste and talent in his first solo album Colour of the Trap. The songs have a wonderful modern retro sound which I love and I'm sure you will too. Plus, not only does Miles have excellent guitar skills and a killer wardrobe (leopard print suits and chelsea boots, oh my!), but he reminds me of Paul McCartney, especially in these series of photos taken by Andrew Whitton for NME.

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