Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let's make some music, make some money, find some models for wives

The quintessential couple in the music world: the musician and the model. These are just my personal favorite musician and model pairings; some of them really loved each other, and some of them just plain looked gorgeous together.

George Harrison & Pattie Boyd

Eric Clapton & Pattie Boyd

Ringo Starr & Barbara Bach

Mickey Dolenz & Samantha Juste

Mick Fleetwood & Jenny Boyd

David & Ginger Gilmour

Jimmy Page & Charlotte Martin

Keith and Kim Moon

The models will have children, we'll get a divorce, we'll find some more models, everything must run its course.

Mick & Bianca Jagger

 Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall

Ronnie & Krissy Wood

Ronnie & Jo Wood

Keith Richards & Anita Pallenberg (I know they weren't married but they were together for quite a while and had 3 kids)

Keith Richards & Patti Hansen

(pic of samantha and mickey via http://www.psycho-jello.com/monkees )


  1. oh i love pattie boyd, she's so beautiful :)

    these are some great pictures, you have a lovely blog

    rose xxx

  2. keith Richards is the hottest person in the world!

    ....and I love your site :))

    http://twistandshout1960s.blogspot.com/ -> visit my site and vote your favourite member of The Rolling Stones


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