Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Muse Behind the Song: Jane Asher

Another great rock and roll muse is the lovely Jane Asher. Acting since she was a little girl, Jane was already well-known when at the age of 17, she was asked to interview and pose for pictures with The Beatles. All The Beatels liked her, but it was Paul who finally won her over. And so began what seemed to be a teen dream romance come true. Paul moved into the Asher's home where he was exposed to a culture that only the upper-middle class could provide. There in the music room, Paul wrote many a famous Beatles songs. Some of the songs (good and bad) inspired by Jane are: Every Little Thing, Things We Said Today, And I Love Her, Here There And Everywhere, Honey Pie, You Won't See Me, I'm Looking Through You, For No One, I'm Down, Martha My Dear, We Can Work It Out, among others.

Taken on the night Jane first met The Beatles for the magazine she was interviewing them for.

Out and about with Paul:

Parties & Premiers:

Celebrating Jane's 21st birthday:

For Jane's 21st birthday, Paul bought her 21 dresses. This beautiful beaded red dress was one of them.

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  1. Love the Angelic Jane Asher. Jane was Paul McCartney's Muse. It seemed like a nice couple but it doesn't look like Paul could keep it in his pants. Plus you have to give props to Jane for never writing a tell-all book.


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