Monday, October 19, 2009

John and Paul in Paris: 1961

For John's 21st birthday, John and Paul decided to hitchhike to Spain. They bought bowler hats to look all gentlemen and fancy like; thinking that they would have a better chance of being offered a ride that way.  But they only made it as far as France, where they bumped into an old Hamburg friend, Jurgen Vollmer. It was in Paris that Jurgen convinced John and Paul to get their haircut in what was to become the famous "Beatle Haircut". And the rest, as they say, is hairstyle history.


  1. I though they were goig to Paris for Paul's 21th B-day! XD anyway, cool bunch of pictures :) did you find them in the "young savage beatles" thing?

  2. No, Paul's 21st b-day was in Liverpool. That's the first time he took his new girlfriend Jane Asher to meet his dad and the time that John got into a fight with Bob Wooler (at least I think Bob was the guy's name) for commenting on John and Brian's trip to Spain. And yes, I probably got most of these pics form that site. ; )


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