Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Number 9 Dream

In honor of this very Beatley day, I decided to post some of my favorite pictures of my all time favorite band. I'm getting The Beatles: Rock Band , all I need is a game system to play it on (sadly I don't own a PS3, Wii, or XBOX 360, behind the times, I know). Hopefully, I can scrimp and save enough money to buy the xbox and become a Beatle by this weekend. And I also want, no, I need to have The Beatles Box Set (*hint* M & D  I do have a birthday coming up!). It would be great to get both the mono and stereo versions...but oh, my wallet, why must you always be so empty? -ramblings of a Beatletard (as Mr. Lennon would say) who happens to think she's funny

This pic reminds me that I also need to get John's Rickenbacker and George's Gretsch (sold separately, *hint* Christmas presents M & D!). I can't pretend to be a Beatle without them.

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