Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Interview: The Beatles, Dallas 1964

An interview with The Beatles that I stumbled upon in the sometimes magical land of youtube. Once again, I've only seen pictures from that day. It looks like the interview was done backstage in the dressing room (where I dream to be). The interviewer asks the typical silly questions, and as usual, the boys are their charming, witty, funny, oh-so-cute, selves.

Arriving in Dallas, TX, obviously, judging from the white cowboy hats.

Backstage antics, put on especially by The Beatles for a laugh.

*EDIT* So apparently these photos were not taken in Texas as I had assumed (i'm surprised nobody corrected me on this) but in some rich guy's ranch in Missouri. Oh well, the photos still have that western feel to them, so... since I love putting photos that match like this together, I'll leave them in the post.

 Ooooh! A picture in color!  Now we can see the color (duh) of John's outfit.
I guess they decided to change their outfits, becauses it looks like these pictures were taken on the same day, don't they?

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  1. Hahahaha that's one of my favorite interviews! It cracks me up when they try to talk in Southern-American accents. And when George talks about getting punched in the face :D


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