Thursday, August 27, 2009

Behind the Rock and Roll Scene with Miss O'Dell

A rock muse in her own right, Chris O'Dell has led an amazing life, and she tells all about it in her new book: My Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and the Women They Loved. Chris was first invited to work at Apple by Derek Taylor, and soon became a trusted personal assistant and tour manager for some of the most influential musicians of the sixties and seventies. She was also the inspiration for George Harrison's "Miss O'Dell" and Leon Russell's "Pisces Apple Lady." Her book comes out October 6th and promises to give a revealing glimpse to what happened behind the scenes with some of the greatest musicians of that time.

On tour with George Harrison.

Visiting with Maureen Starkey.

Backstage with Mick & Bianca.

 Wraped around Keith. Wasn't she one lucky chick.

Harry Nilsson's wedding.


With Roger McGuinn and Tina Fireston

Lunch (or dinner?) with John Lennon, Keith Moon, Ringo Starr, and May Pang.

Pictured here with George. Judging by his hair and clothes, around the time of the White Album. Or Let It Be. I'm not sure. Jeweler, I've failed.

The coveted backstage area with Bob Dylan. Chris is seen in the background (on the phone), busily working away.

(all photos from Miss O'Dell's website)


  1. miss o'dell kiss and tell = STARFUCKER

  2. Fotos Raras Beatle
    Un placer disfrutar de las fotos.
    Muy divertida la de la boda de Harry Nilsson con Ringo tocando violin

  3. In the entertainment world, everybody bonks everyone else; it's a given. Why Miss O'D felt it necessary to detail whom she shagged is beyond reason. "I started sleeping w/Mick around the time the 1972 tour reached Texas," she drones on, threatening to extinguish the reader w/passive boredom. Then, the blonde moment!! "I couldn't understand why Bianca (Mick's wife, who joined the tour at the same time as Chris claims she started shagging Michael Philip) was so frosty to me." YOU WERE BONKING HER HUSBAND! Bianca is light years above average intelligence. Wha? You think she couldn't sense it? Jeez! And then to recount her affair w/Ringo.
    This puerile, prurient screaming yellow tabloid sensationalist theme totally detracted from what was supposed to be the real story of Chris's years in "The Boys Club." I used to be a feminist. Now, here we have Chris O'Dell, recounting her entry into and successful career as a tour manager, something women still are rarely seen as, but she still has to rely on the "Miss O'Dell Kiss n Tell" to populate her story?
    It ain't nostalgie du temps perdue but Jeez! Can't a woman make it professionally w/o superfluous, abject tales of StarÆ’£€king?


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