Thursday, July 16, 2015

Where We Are? On the Road Again!!

Basically the only good thing that happened to me last year was that I got see One Direction on their Where We Are Tour. And the only good thing that has happened to me this year so far is that I got to see 1D again. As cheesy as it sounds, this band managed to help me get through these tough times with their music and gave me something to look forward to. Because there is nothing I love more than the anticipation you feel as you count down the days leading up the concert, the nervous excitement on the actual day of the concert, waiting in line, scanning your ticket and finding your seat, and finally the way the lights dim and your heart drops and you see THEM. For a few hours you forget everything and you're just so happy. Now I know there's been a whole lot of drama surrounding the boys lately (Zayn leaving, Louis is going to be a dad?!, etc.,) but they are a welcome distraction to my life right now. Anyway, here are the pictures I took at both concerts!

Where We Are: Shitty seats but looking back I like the way the pictures turned out and also, Zayn was there. But to be honest I barely remember what happened at the concert except that Harry kept wishing some guy named Rafael a happy birthday and I really liked the way he pronounced the name.

On The Road Again: I have to admit that I actually liked this concert a lot better than last year's because Harry interacted with the crowd a lot, there were cute interactions between Liam, Louis, and Niall, plus I had field seats. But alas, the only good view I had was of the giant screen. I was actually still pretty far from the stage and while the boys were on the catwalk I could only see their backs. There were also so many people around that it was really difficult to hold still and get a good picture. Especially of Harry who flits about on stage, a true Jagger-esque frontman, dancing seductively in gold Dior boots, captivating and engaging the audience to clap,stomp, and moan along with him. The boy oozes charm I tell you. As for the other boys: Niall is sunshine and happiness on stage, playing his guitar and dancing around. Louis was all giggles and quite the stunner with his killer cheek bones, slick quiff, and sleeveless shirts. And sweet, darling Liam (whose parents were in the audience how cute!) with the magic voice was a good sport when Louis dared him to break dance after losing a game or rock, paper, scissors.

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