Monday, December 9, 2013

Midnight Memories

So as you may have heard, the lads have a new album out. It's absolutely AMAZING and a step in the right direction (haha) musically speaking. Of course it went straight to #1 and is considered one of the top indie/alternative albums of the year. Can you believe it?! I am so happy for the boys for finally getting the recognition they deserve! One review even called this album a modern Rubber Soul of sorts. Music-wise they are nowhere near the original lads (and Harry agrees), but 1D have come a long way since Up All Night. If you thought Rock Me was hardcore, just listen to Midnight Memories and you'll be rocking out all night, stumbling in the street, singing, singing...! What makes this album super special  however, is that the boys (Harry, Louis, and Liam to be exact) have co-written most of the songs on the album. Stand-outs include:  Happily and Something Great by Harry, Strong by Louis, Don't Forget Where You Belong (basically a love song for his 4 pals) by Niall with a little help from his friends McFly, and of course Story of My Life by all 5. I'm hearing a lot of comparisons to Mumford and Sons, but instead of banjos I'm hearing a lot more guitars, which is a good thing. I should also say that their voices are absolutely knee-shaking and heart-melting; just listen to Zayn hit those high notes (in You and I, OMG OMG), Liam sounding like he was meant to sing 70/80s rock, Niall's surprisingly lovely/cheeky tones, Louis' seductively sweet soft voice and the perfect compliment to Harry's deep, oh so sexy rasp (also Harry's rocker yell in Midnight Memories, wow wow wow!). I can honestly say all the songs are just fab and are a nod to 70s/80s rock, which is perfect for the stadiums they're playing in next year (and lucky me I get to go!).


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