Monday, February 18, 2013

I always did it like a real rebel would

So on the 15th I finally saw the Vaccines at the Fillmore and it was AMAZING! Sadly, even though I was in the second row (thanks to the 20 rude ass bitches that decided to cut), I had a perfectly good view  of Freddie.... ah Freddie. Just before the band went on he was jumping around backstage and I saw the band hug, awwww. And then they walked on stage and proceeded to sing my favorite songs all the while looking like the hot rock and rollers they are. The audience sang and danced along, which was great, but alas, not good for the photos/videos I was trying to take. At the end, in the middle of Norgaard, Jordi from the band San Cisco dived into the audience followed by Freddie. I must say I was in complete shock as the crowed crushed around me, trying to touch them. I reached out in vain to try and touch Freddie's fab curls, or his smooth muscular arm, but unfortunately he dived in head first and security quickly pulled him out. My lucky sister however, got a feel of Jordi's soft, smooth, warm bicep (her words, not mine). All in all, it was a fun evening and I can't wait till the next concert, so enjoy the crappy pictures and a video of "I Always Knew" which I'm actually quite proud of.

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