Monday, August 22, 2011

The Stars Will Rise Again

This post is probably a product of having too much time on my hands. Anyway... looking through some -- ok fine, a lot of MGMT pictures and interviews, I noticed something. They reminded me so much of my favorite band: the look, the feelings, the things they say.  MGMT, to me at least, are like a modern day version of the Beatles, circa 1967. They have quickly risen to the top of my charts and are officially my second favorite band (sorry Rolling Stones). They're charming, funny, good-looking, and musically speaking, so innovative, which is so hard to be these days you know. It's difficult to be likeable and actually make good music. Just like the Beatles. Plus all the members have amazing taste in music and they are one of the few bands who are carrying on the torch of what rock and roll used to be. The only other band I can think of that could also fall into all those categories are the Arctic Monkeys, who come out with album after amazing album. So, the reason for this whole gushing post is to express my love for MGMT and to show how much they remind me of the Fab Four (or in this case, Fab Five). Andrew and Ben especially have that whole Lennon/McCartney vibe going on, although Andrew reminds me of both John and Paul rolled into one beautiful psychedelic human being. And if you don't believe me, check out some MGMT interviews on youtube, you'll see what I'm talking about

Let's start out with the amazing taste in music, they both cite Dylan as major musical influences.

Just look at Matt's awesome t-shirts. I especially love the Paul McCartney one.

Both Andrew and Paul (only Andrew and Paul?) can pull off matching purple outfits.

Love in their eyes and flowers in their hair (even though Andrew's eyes are closed and John is wearing sunglasses, seriously they both have some intense gazes)

Speaking of flowers.

Speaking of intense gazes. Have Andrew and Paul got that smoldering look down or what?

They like to dress up as animals.

They also love animals.

Both Will and Paul had pretty awesome moustaches.

Look how great they are with kids.

What boys do you know in real life that would wear unicorn or deer sweaters?

The bitches love them (jealous? no I'm not jealous).

Look they're playing with toy instruments, how cute.

They look good in stripped shirts.

And stripped pants.

And I'm not quite sure what this hand thing means but they both do it.

Snazzy suits.

Other random pictures of MGMT that remind me of the Beatles.




  1. I don't know them, but they look like a great band :)

    I don't know if you already did, but if you didn't- vote for you favourite Rolling Stone on my site ->


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