Monday, June 7, 2010

The Jane Asher Do

The casual, long-haired took is definitely in, and there is no better example of what it should look like than those red-gold locks of lovely Jane Asher. Of course, you have to have long straight hair’ to do this particular hair style—and those who don’t will either’ have to let their hair grow out (and get it straightened if it is curly or kinky) or else try a different hairdo. To achieve the “Jane Asher” look, you must first wash your hair with mild (Castile is good) shampoo. While it is still wet, cut your bangs with cuticle or fingernail scissors (short scissors are best for this style of bangs, as they give a “chopped” look). Be sure the bangs are longer on each side and zig-zagged in the middle of your forehead. Remember that when hair is cut while wet it wilt tend to “shrink” later, so don’t cut your bangs too short. While your hair is damp, roll several huge rollers of hair from the crown (center) of your head down to the scalp. A cluster of four or five should do the trick. Take the remaining long hair and loop it into big curls, pinning them down with several bobby pins. Allow to dry. If you have thin hair, spray it a couple of times lightly while it is drying. When your hair is dry, re-move the rollers and bobbies and brush it out. To achieve the rounded look on top that Jane has in this picture, you must lightly tease up (or back-comb) the crown hair. This teased hair should cover almost all of the top of your head. Brush a layer of long hair smoothly over the teased hair until it gets the look that Jane has achieved. Gently comb out loop curls on the side until they straighten to the proper sloping curved effect. If you have trouble with your bangs, you can roll the center of them with a big roller and scotch-tape the sides down so that they sort of blend in with the flowing hair-line look on the sides. When dry, tease up the ‘center of the bangs and gently brush them down. It isn’t easy to learn to set and style your own hair, but this “Jane Asher Hair-Do” is very good for beginners as it is simple to do (if you have the right kind of hair). Give it a try. You have nothing to lose—and you may come out looking just like the lovely young lady on this page.
- ©16 magazine 1964


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